Fuel Filter $69.95 & up

XLP Fuel Filter Service $69.95 & up

Fuel filters become obstructed due to dirt or rust in the fuel tank, and by debris from the normal deterioration of the fuel line. The fuel filter keeps contaminants out of your vehicle's engine.

All fuel filters need occasional changing as a part of regular car maintenance. Some cars tell you how often, but most don't. It needs to be replaced yearly, especially if your car's got a lot of miles; if you use cheap gas or gas with alcohol in it; drive on a lot of gravel; or do anything else that might help clog things up.

Nobody gets off easy. Even if you have a new car with a "lifetime" filter, it'll still need to be replaced once in a while, at least every 30,000 miles. Further, you can't tell from looking that a filter's clogged. Blow through it; if that's hard to do, then it needs to be replaced.

source: www.dmv.org

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