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Quaker State Ultimate Durability $81.95

Quaker State Ultimate Durability $81.95 To ensure it delivers, we’ve put it through the ringer. Even after hundreds of thousands of miles of severe real- world driving it still performs. And then it gives you even more: More fuel economy with the help of a fuel-saving additive that keeps the oil fresh. More protection -…
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High Mileage $56.95

Quaker State High Mileage $55.95 So your car’s been around the block a time or two. That doesn’t mean it’s time to drive off into the sunset just yet. Not if Quaker State Defy™ High Mileage motor oil has a say. It has a habit of defying time by demonstrating significantly improved wear protection.* We’ve…
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Quaker State Synthetic Blend $61.95

Quaker State Synthetic Blend $61.95 Does your engine work so hard it needs its own punch card? Well, you’re going to need a motor oil durable enough to keep it from punching out. Say hello to Quaker State® Enhanced Durability™ motor oil. How durable are we talking? We subject it to hundreds of thousands of…
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Total Synthetic $71.95

Total Synthetic $71.95 TOTAL Quartz synthetic engine oils contain three main components: the first is highly-refined synthetic base oil. It’s composition and properties vary accord to how demanding the requirements are to be met by the three product ranges, TOTAL Quartz 9000, TOTAL Quartz INEO and TOTAL Quartz Future. The original properties of the base…
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