It’s the Perfect Time for a Radiator Flush to keep your Car’s Coolant System in Peak Performance for the Summer

Summer is here. Which means you can expect plenty of long sunny days and a healthy dose of unrelenting heat. During this time, one of the most significant problems with cars is overheating due to an unmaintained coolant system. To make sure that your car is ready to handle it, consider having your radiator flushed. It’s an important part of car maintenance (especially in the summer) and will be a great benefit in the long run. Here’s why:


1. Your coolant system is extremely important during the summer months


Engine overheating can cause short term as well as long term problems with your vehicle. A radiator flush pushes several gallons of antifreeze through your coolant system to replace the old with the fresh antifreeze.


2. It removes rust, scale deposits and contaminants


These contaminants can build up in coolant systems over time increasing the likelihood of the engine overheating and causing damage to your radiator. A flush completely drains the radiator removing all rust, scale deposits and contaminants.


3. Increase the life of the water pump


The additives in the antifreeze will lubricate your car’s water pump - which extends its life overall.


4. Protection against rust and build up


The new antifreeze in your radiator will be much more equipped to fight off rust and other types of contamination - keeping your radiator functioning effectively!

5. System inspection


During the process of having your radiator flushed your car’s coolant system will receive an inspection to check for leaks in the system. You may catch something early that could have been more costly down the road.


Most manufacturers recommend having your radiator flushed at least once per year and we believe during the warm summer months is the perfect time. That’s why at Xpress Lube Plus we are offering $15 off our radiator flush services. Simply bring the coupon below to Xpress Lube Plus located at 455 E 53rd St, Davenport, IA 52807.


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