Stop putting up with faulty windshield wiper blades

We’ve all seen it. A set of deteriorating windshield wipers struggling to clear fast-pouring rain off the windshield of a car. Streaking, skipping or squeaking along while the driver adjusts to look out the spots the wipers are actually being effective.

Not only is it annoying to watch the faulty devices struggle moving back and forth for the entire ride – it can also be very dangerous. The more severe the weather the higher likelihood that those wipers you should have replaced months ago become a serious visibility problem.

During a survey of vehicles going through check lanes during National Car Care month it was found that one in five cars had deficient windshield wipers.  That means one in five cars on the road will be visually impaired if there is serious rain or snowfall. This is dangerous for those drivers as well as all the drivers around them.

If you have been pushing off replacing that skipping wiper blade or ignoring the streaks left on your windshield after using them make a point to have them replaced as soon as possible. You never know when that big storm will come or when they’ll get even worse.

Even if you haven’t noticed serious issues manufacturers recommend having your wiper blades replaced roughly twice per year. It isn’t a costly operation and it can be done quickly and correctly at Xpress Lube Plus in Davenport.

Xpress Lube Plus also offers a glass cleaning treatment that applies water beading technology to enhance your driving visibility in one simple step.

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