High Mileage $56.95

Quaker State High Mileage $55.95

So your car’s been around the block a time or two. That doesn’t mean it’s time to drive off into the sunset just yet. Not if Quaker State Defy™ High Mileage motor oil has a say. It has a habit of defying time by demonstrating significantly improved wear protection.* We’ve tested it in real-world driving conditions for hundreds of thousands of miles to ensure it delivers.

How does it defy time? Zinc, the heavyweight champion of wear fighters in engines. The boosted zinc anti-wear agents protect the high-temperature and high-wear surfaces at all costs. It’s formulated to play nicely with catalytic converters and other emission equipment, making this the fountain of youth for your engine.

Quaker State Defy™ motor oil also:

  • Contains additional friction modifiers for improved fuel economy
  • Conditions seals to prevent leaks
  • Reduces oil burn-off and consumption

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