Consequences of Driving with Low Engine Oil

Changing the oil in your car’s engine is one of the most common forms of vehicle maintenance practiced today. Every few thousand miles we all make a point to have the oil in our vehicle changed. But what would happen if we didn’t make the trip? What impact would that have on your vehicle and its engine?


First, while your car will still operate past your oil change due date, if the oil levels fall low enough your vehicle’s engine will seize up and fail completely. This is extremely dangerous, and shouldn’t be tried by anyone!


Driving with your vehicle at dangerously low levels isn’t the only time you could be doing damage though. The oil we put in our car’s engine serves several purposes. Your engine is made of a bunch of moving parts - it is the oil’s responsibility to lubricate these moving parts to prevent friction, which can be very damaging to the engine.


Oil also acts as an engine cleaner, removing harmful deposits that can build up in your engine. Because the oil circulates your engine collecting any debris or unwelcome particles it can become contaminated over time. The more contaminated your oil becomes, the more likely it is to fail to properly lubricate or protect from corrosion.


You may not be able to tell immediately while driving with low engine oil, but with every mile you are coming closer to permanent engine damage. More importantly, you could be putting yourself and the drivers around you in danger.


How often that you need to have your oil changed can vary depending on how much you drive and what is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Typically, you should make a point to have your oil changed once every 3,000-5,000 miles, but it’s always a good idea to consult an expert.


It may seem like a pain, but at Xpress Lube Plus we try and make it a little easier. Our expert technicians change oil in 10-15 minutes with no appointment necessary. We’re conveniently located on the corner of 53rd and Brady Street in Davenport, and we’d love to show you why we’re more than an oil change.

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